[Samba] Windows Printing VIA Samba

Jason Gray jgray at bardelanimation.com
Mon Feb 2 20:43:44 GMT 2004

I've was wondering if someone could help me out with some printing issues.
I'm trying to store print drivers on my Samba PDC so that windows clients
can access my network printers.  I have 3 printers (X12 Fiery, HP 4000 PCL5,
Epson).  I used to use a Win2K server and I could add the printers through
the usual method.

I have created my [print$] share and the windows drivers directory on the
Samba PDC.  However, I'm having trouble displaying my printers so I can add
them into the directory (as stated in the Samba how-to).  How do I display
the printers before I've added the drivers?

Any help would be appreciated.


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