[Samba] samba 3.0, winbind is not updating userlist - only on restart

Markus Feilner lists at feilner-it.net
Mon Feb 2 18:10:03 GMT 2004

Hello List,
I have successfuly brought samba 3.0 on SuSE (8.1,8.2,9.0) to work 
together with an Active Directory Server. I have (also successfully) 
enabled squid to use winbind for authentication for internet access.
(I need winbind, because only members of a certain AD Group are allowed 
to access the internet.)
Kerberos is running fine.
My Problem is:
After I add a new user to the AD:
With wbinfo -a user%password i can successfully authenticate the new 
user. ("challenge/response password authentication succeeded")
But the list i recieve from wbinfo -u does not show this user until 
winbind is started over.

Note that I have not defined a winbind cache time parameter in my 
smb.conf, and winbind is running with the -B option for dual server 
I have searched samba + mailling list archives, but I have not found 
anything, same at google and new zealand wikis..
Please help!
Thank you!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Markus Feilner
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