[Samba] Virus found in the message

MailMonitor at nt.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de MailMonitor at nt.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Feb 2 08:56:46 GMT 2004

Scanner: MailMonitor for SMTP v1.2.2 

Problem description:
Email data:
MessageID: <iss.20b1.401e0450.527bb.1 at moritz6.rrze.uni-erlangen.de>
From: samba at samba.org
To: uhorn at nt.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de
Subject: hi
Scanning part []

Scanning part [message.zip]
Attachment validity check: passed.
Virus identity found: W32/MyDoom-A
Virus identity found: W32/MyDoom-A

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