[Samba] WINS, must be master browser?

Tim Smith tims at cqpl.com.au
Sun Feb 1 23:33:38 GMT 2004

Thomas Spuhler wrote:

>As far as I understand, as long as you have an NT on the subnet, it will
>be the master browser and wins server. You also need to tell your W
>boxes who the wins server is. you can do it in the DHCP server or on
>every W box if not using DHCP
>On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 23:47, Tim Smith wrote:
>>of course i have set the samba server to   wins support = yes
>>I'm not that much of a dunce :)
>>alton bailey wrote:
>>>you have to tell samba to be a wins server in smb.conf
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>>>    i have an NT4 server and a linux samba server. the NT4 server is
>>>    currently the WINS server. it works perfectly. i want to ditch it and
>>>    use my samba server as the WINS server, however WINS simply does not
>>>    work. could this be becuase the WINS server also needs to be the
>>>    local
>>>    master browser?
>>>    here is the global section of my smb.conf
>>>    [global]
>>>            workgroup = laboratory
>>>            os level = 2
>>>            kernel oplocks = No
>>>            security = user
>>>            encrypt passwords = Yes
>>>            guest account = Nobody
>>>            map to guest = Bad User
>>>    in this config samba will not win browser elections. I know the NT4
>>>    machine will win all browser elections, it's the only difference i
>>>    can
>>>    think of.
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Ok so that we are all clear. YES i have turned off WINS on the NT 
machine, only the samba server has it enabled and YES i have told the 
machine which WINS server to use and YES is it the samba server i have 
double checked. i don't think the problem is something obvious like the 

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