[Samba] (no subject)

butybuty butybuty at yandex.ru
Sun Feb 1 18:54:25 GMT 2004

Dear Andrew Bartlett, 
Could you help me with a very small (I hope) problem. 
I'm installing Win98 from net-disk. And when comp reloads during installation, 
it asks me to put password for local net (it's o'kay) and just for Windows. 
My colleagues  said to me that I have to use so called "Win 98 plain text passwords". I tried in internet, but I can't understand almost nothing. 
All of sites suggest to change something in computer, but I can't, because system is not installed.       
It seems, there are some universal passwords for this case, as it take place for BIOS-es? 
I would be very thankfull for your answer, 
Andrew Butylin, 
Blood Hospital, 

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