[Samba] Several logon script bat files?

Robert Sossomon robert at gcnorris.com
Sun Feb 1 17:30:26 GMT 2004

Here's how you do it:

net use T: \\bo\Group
del C:\progra~1\netterm\netterm.ini
copy M:\netterm\netterm.ini C:\progra~1\netterm

CALL \\bo\netlogon\comms
CALL \\linux1\assets\clientcon.exe

net use G: \\bo\it
net use I: \\Linux1\Intranet
net use Q: \\Linux1\Qa
net use R: \\Linux1\Beta
net use X: \\Linux1\GCN_Extranet
net use P: \\bo\programs

CALL \\bo\netlogon\clear

net use M: \\bo\robert

call \\bo\netlogon\it
call \\bo\netlogon\web

call \\bo\netlogon\everyone

CALL calls another batch file

Personal.bat first clears out the mapped drives (on all but 2K/XP
systems, haven't figured out why yet) then it maps the current user's
drive.  As I have a login for EACH user, this is the easy way to do it.
I then call their group specific batch file, then the everyone file.  I
use the group specific batch files to run the gambit of choices, and
just add a line to call that group file into each user's batch file.
Then when I need to modify something for a single group or for everyone
I just edit that one batch script.

Once all that editing is done, I run this script:
unix2dos *.bat
chmod +rx *.bat

Which makes all the files convert to the right format (I do the editing
on the linux box itself) and then make the scripts usable by the users
and servers.


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