[Samba] Print via print command while using 3.0

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sun Feb 1 15:28:38 GMT 2004

> [Samba] Print via print command while using 3.0
> Stefan Klein stefan.klein at materna.de
> Thu Jan 29 12:27:58 GMT 2004


> So i think you have to use:
> =================================
>  [global]
>          ...
>          printing = cups
>          ...
>  [pdfprinter]
> 	 printing = bsd
>          comment = PDF Drucker, druckt nach H:\print
>          print command = /usr/bin/tps2file.sh "%s" "%U" "pdf" "pdfwrite" ""
>          path = /tmp
>          printable = yes
>          valid users = @users
> =================================
> (Not sure if it works to redefine the "printing" inside a subsection)

It used to, but now it doesn't any more.

I think we should ask our Samba Team coding gurus to change "printing = ..."
to become a service level instead of a global parameter. This way it would
be much easier to achieve what people want to achieve here.

The only way to do it now, is to set "printing = sysv" or "printing = bsd"
as the global setting, which in turn looses you all the convenient functions
of CUPS library integration into Samba.

Of course, one could waive your custom "print command" altogether and
go down the "use the CUPS pdf:/-backend" way of PDF generation, as is
described here (and in related thread) in much detail:


> regards,
> -- 
> Stefan Klein, Systems Engineer


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