[inbox] [Samba] Windows XP machine cannot be accessed

John johndal at bigpond.net.au
Fri Dec 31 15:01:32 GMT 2004

Thanks for the input, folks. The clues you have given have let me fix the basic
problem. Previously when I tried manual editing of conf files etc. I was not
doing enough. I manually edited fstab and created an auth. file and checked
carefully against your model, Geoff. With a mild tweak with webmin, I can now
see the XP machine and it autoloads without any intervention from me. As I
suspected, it was so basic I was not seeing and doing everything necessary.
Mandrake will need to work on their Samba config in teh control panel to make
it proof to both newbies and idiots. Now when I get the permisions fully sorted
I should be on my way. I must keep a note in case. I think PAM needs a Windows
server? I only have a peer to peer network, but again thanks for the ideas.

| > | these things are best done manually on the command line first to see if
| > all
| > | is working well, from memory:
| > |
| > | mount -t smbfs //server/windowsshare /path/to/mntdir -o username=geoff
| > |
| > | If the above manual stuff works then it must be another problem.
| > |
| > | Tell us what you see.
| > |
| > | Regards Geoff
| > |
| > If I use mount at the console in the format you suggest I get asked for my
| > password and the XP share mounts and can be accessed (also through
| > Konqueror
| > etc.) When I attempt to write the equivalent into fstab, the folder
| > appears but
| > is empty. No messages. It has not auto generated a credentials file for
| > the XP
| > machine as it has for the other machines. Inserting user=john in fstab is
| > OK
| > for the WinME machine, but XP must want more. I guess if it cannot see the
| > machine then it will not auto generate the needed access files.
| > Regards
| > John.
| I manually created the credentials file.  Create one yourself and point the
| fstab entry to that, as I mentioned before.  (rejig it so it suits your
| needs of course)
| eg.
| username=john
| password=winXPlocalpassword
| workgroup=winxpWorkgroup
| once you have that plus an entry in fstab plus you have made a mount point
| do: mount /mnt/winXpmountpoint
| take a look at any errors that you get.
| Maybe smbmount needs to be Suid root for your mandrake user to mount it
| properly.....
| Regards Geoff

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