[Samba] Windows XP machine cannot be accessed

Christopher Peter Welsh cpwe at deakin.edu.au
Fri Dec 31 04:33:36 GMT 2004



If you wish to automount shares when you login, you can try pam_mount. It should
be a package on the mdk 10.1 CDs. You can set it to mount windows cifs and smb
shares to your mandrake box. It's possible because Linux supports pluggable auth

I used it along with winbind auth to mount all my windows shares from servers at
work to my Linux mandrake workstation (laptop) When ever I ssh'd in, the shares
mounted. It can be set to mount based on preferred authentication system (local
password file, winbind, nis, etc) and  protocol. ie. mount windows shares if you
login via ssh, or even if you login through the kde desktop (warning: kde
requires special files relocated when mounting home directories).

Having said that and seeing as how you are new, I believe Geoff's solution is a
much easier way to go. You may however wish to read up on pam_mount anyway.

For more info do a google on pam_mount


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