[Samba] Windows XP machine cannot be accessed

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Dec 31 03:53:03 GMT 2004

> | these things are best done manually on the command line first to see if
> all
> | is working well, from memory:
> |
> | mount -t smbfs //server/windowsshare /path/to/mntdir -o username=geoff
> |
> | If the above manual stuff works then it must be another problem.
> |
> | Tell us what you see.
> |
> | Regards Geoff
> |
> If I use mount at the console in the format you suggest I get asked for my
> password and the XP share mounts and can be accessed (also through
> Konqueror
> etc.) When I attempt to write the equivalent into fstab, the folder
> appears but
> is empty. No messages. It has not auto generated a credentials file for
> the XP
> machine as it has for the other machines. Inserting user=john in fstab is
> OK
> for the WinME machine, but XP must want more. I guess if it cannot see the
> machine then it will not auto generate the needed access files.
> Regards
> John.

I manually created the credentials file.  Create one yourself and point the
fstab entry to that, as I mentioned before.  (rejig it so it suits your
needs of course)  


once you have that plus an entry in fstab plus you have made a mount point
do: mount /mnt/winXpmountpoint  
take a look at any errors that you get.

Maybe smbmount needs to be Suid root for your mandrake user to mount it

Regards Geoff

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