[Samba] Network interference? Settings?

Joe Polk listuser at javelinux.com
Thu Dec 30 18:26:34 GMT 2004

I have a problem. I've purchased 2 different brand NAS devices that both use
Samba in some form as their "sharing" mechanism. When I attach them to the LAN
I get dreadful speed. To the tune of under 3.5GB per hour transfers. I've even
done tests on the same subnet. Two Windows servers on that vlan can move files
at great speeds. Map one of them to the NAS and it crawls. I recall last year
setting up a Linux server and seeing a huge slow down then too. That pretty
much forced me to move to a Windows server. I know it's LAN related. Something
in our Cisco switches must be the inhibitor but I don't know what. I'm taking
one of these NAS's home tonite to test there. I expect to see normal speeds.
Does anyone know of anything that could cause this from a switch/router IOS
perspective? We do have ICMP limited through our WAN, would this be an
inhibitor? That wouldn't explain the performance within a VLAN, though, since
ICMP works in that VLAN. I'm stumped.


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