[Samba] LDAP and Samba -- a basic question

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Thu Dec 30 18:14:27 GMT 2004

On Thursday 30 December 2004 10:57, Paul W. Abrahams wrote:
> I've gathered that there's a close connection between Samba and LDAP, but
> the Samba documentation I've looked at, mainly in the SWAT help and man
> page, doesn't discuss LDAP.   Just what is the nature of the connection?


I wrote the "Samba-3 by Example" book using SuSE Linux 9.x and Red Hat 9 and 
Fedora Core 1. You can purchase this book from Amazon.Com or download the PDF 


Suggest you work through chapter 6 to see the connections. If you get lost get 
me a shout.

John T.

> If it's relevant, I'm running SuSE 9.1 Linux.
> Paul Abrahams

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