[Samba] Help Me

Alexandre Melo alexandremelo at cultura.com.br
Thu Dec 30 17:07:13 GMT 2004

Hi, I try to configure a PDC in FreeBSD with Samba using MySQL for database for users, groups, computers and other resources in domain like printers, sites...but without success.

I installed

* FreeBSD 5.3 with support for linux bin;

* Samba-3.0.7,1 with CONFIGURE_ARGS
automaticaly was installed openldap-client-2.2.15;

* pam_ldap-1.7.1_1 in default mode;

* and MySQL 4.0.21 (server and client) in default mode.

 First, I just want register the Windows client in Domain and make logon in Windows using the username stored in MySQL database.
When I change security=domain to security=share in smb.conf, then from Windows station I can access de Server PDC and open folders and automaticaly a user is stored in MySQL with the name nobody, but when I change to "domain" I can´t register Windows in domain and I can´t access the Server using the username and password.
 I have to create a username in FreeBSD using pw or adduser and then I can use smbpasswd -a username, this way I can write in MySQL, but still no working and I will have the 2 user, one in de FreeBSD and in MySQL. For my table I use the mysql.dump in Samba examples.
 After I will use Apache with PHP for MySQL databases and retire PDC Windows NT Server.
 Can you help me to configure this? Thanks.

  Alexandre Melo

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