[Samba] SAMBA - Domain function levels (resent)

Christopher Peter Welsh cpwe at deakin.edu.au
Thu Dec 30 12:27:26 GMT 2004


Re-sent this; sorry, it came from my other account and it was not 
subscribed to this list.

I'm gonna have to be putting a good argument to my ICT team against
going to 2003 in 2003 server mode ( I think thats what they call the
highest mode for 2003 server) to keep samba at our school. I like what
windows 2003 has to offer, but do not want to lock samba out forever.
I know samba will work at lower mode. And that's what I'm pushing.

Can people chip in with some arguments and advice.

What is the highest 2003 mode (forest and domain) that we can go to and
still have samba function as a member file server?

What are the advantages for a school with only 2 domains and no
geographical displacement in going to the highest 2003 server level
(list of GPO advantages?, etc). We have the money to upgrade to 2003 on
all our 22 servers. But could save money by mixing with samba and 2000.

Is there really better security in that higher mode? What in particular?

Will winbind (ADS and kerb mode) break? As we use it for squid auth, etc.

How long before SAMBA can work at the highest level with 2003?

I'm feeling that MS have provided some functional incentives to go with
the highest mode. Can someone suggest some ways to take the hype out
this higher level? I know from my reading, that once we make that jump,
there is no turning back



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