[Samba] TIP: Correct DHCP settings for joining XP to domains.

tarjei at nu.no tarjei at nu.no
Thu Dec 30 11:05:52 GMT 2004

Hi, I've seen this one a few times and I thought I'd document it for other
people. It should be on anybodys checklist when setting up a Samba domain

The problem is that newish XP clients use TCP/IP to find the sambaserver, but
this will not happen you haven't set up the DNS server to get updated. To solve
this problem you can either: a) Get a working DNS (which might be a hassle) or
b) run a winssserver with the samba server (wins server = yes in smb.conf) and
make sure that the dhcpserver points the XP-server to these entries.

For reference I've included sample settings for dnsmasq and dhcpd. Change the
ipadress to the adress of your samba-server.

Dnsmasq entries:
dhcp-option=44,     # set netbios-over-TCP/IP nameserver(s) aka WINS
dhcp-option=45,     # netbios datagram distribution server
dhcp-option=46,8           # netbios node type
dhcp-option=47             # empty netbios scope.

option ntp-servers;
option netbios-name-servers;
option netbios-node-type 8;

I hope this helps someone.

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