[Samba] Cannoi delete files: "the mounted file system does not support extended attributes"

Laurent Blume laurent.blume at infores.com
Thu Dec 30 09:32:17 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I'm having what seems like a strange problem, I hope I'm not missing 
something obvious, any help will be appreciated.

When trying to delete files on a Samba share, I get the message "Cannot 
delete <file>: The mounted file system does not support extended 

What is strange is that it depends on weird conditions:
in one directory, if I create a file (right click - New text document") 
with a name more than 16 characters, it can't be deleted, with that message.
If it is less that 16 characters (renamed or created that way), it can 
be deleted.

I tried created a serie of nested "test" directories, with a single "a" 
file in them.

This one can be deleted:

This one cannot:

Even stranger:
if I reight-click on those files, and go in the "Security tab", their 
permissions look identical (even the special ones).
But if I click on Everyone/"Modify" for the file that I just couldn't 
delete, I now can delete it.
If I immediately recreate the same file, it can be deleted.
If I wait a few minutes, then it can't be deleted, unless I check the 
security permission again.

Now, the catch: this is Samba 2.0.9, running on HP-UX 11i.
The clients are Windows 2000 SP4 w/ patches.

I know this is an old version of Samba, but it's been working, 
litterally, for years, and it's not easy to update it.
The problem only appeared last week.

If someone has a workaround for that version of Samba, it'll be welcome.
If is a known bug or limitation of that version, it'll be welcome as 
well to have it pointed out. I had a look at the change log without 

Thanks in advance for any help,


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