[Samba] Login script Query

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Dec 30 09:16:15 GMT 2004

use a default login.bat script for all users
and use ifmember.exe ( download it at MS ) to invoke subprocuredures by 
relating groupmembership

Anandh G schrieb:

>I have a login script to mount some folders to the
>clients PC. I use the login script as
>login script = logon.bat
>path = /home/%u
>Then i create .bat file for each group of users in the
>/home dir. Then create a symbolic link in each users
>home dir to their respective group batch file in
>I thought of using login script = %g, which will do
>the same. I have one more requirement like if a user
>belongs to two group will this %g run both the groups
>batch file?
>How can I implement this? Plz help me
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