[Samba] Issues with Solaris 9, and ADS

David Wruck mirloc at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 30 00:56:50 GMT 2004

I have been working with this for a little over a month now, and here's 
where we are at:

We have 3 domains, 2 of them are sending SIDs to the Solaris box, and 
Kerbos is compiled and working (we can authenticate to any of the 3 
domains), we can get user IDs from any of the 3 domains, however none of 
the users can gain access to the share unless we give them a Unix account.

Samba was compiled with ADS support, and the make file shows that krb5 
and ADS are both 1, however when we add the 'realm =' to the config file 
we get an error with Samba claiming it does not understand the realm 

We are using 3.0.9, and the exact error is that the AD user is not 
found, yet wbinfo can find the user accounts just fine. The AD is a 2000 AD.

We have followed steps in the docs, and on more mailing lists than I 
care to remember at this point. If anyone could point out any possible 
flaw, I'd appreciate it. I apologize for not having cut and paste 
messages and such, but I'm not anywhere near the machine at the moment, 
however I could post anything that would be useful later.

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