[Samba] mounting as a regular user

Chris Lawder chris at number41media.com
Wed Dec 29 21:40:10 GMT 2004


This may not be a Samba specific issue I am having but it came up when 
working with samba shares specificaly so I thought I would ask here 
first. Please feel free to redirect me to more appropriate sites if needed.

I am running Samba version 3.0.4 on Slackware 10. I am running into a 
problem with being able to allow a normal non-root user to either mount 
samba shares or regular disk shares but not both. I have made my smbmnt 
suid and have no fstab entries for the samba shares.

Without any other changes I can mount samba shares as my normal user. 
Problem starts when I try to also allow the same user to mount disk 
partitions. In order to have the same user mount disk partitions I have 
added the following lines to my fstab file as per documentation I have 

    /dev/hdb1        /backup/staging  reiserfs        user,noauto     0   0
    /dev/sda1         /backup/media    reiserfs        user,noauto     0   0

Now this doesn't seem to work until I "chmod u+s /bin/mount" and "chmod 
u+s /bin/umount". Once those have been suid(ed) the mounting of samba 
shares breaks with the "mount: only root can do that" message.

What I find odd is that I need to apply the suid bit on the binaries 
even with the "user" definition in the fstab file. If this is more of a 
"mount" and "fstab" configuration issue please let me know. I am happy 
to provide more information if needed too.

I'm sure that there is a way to allow a regular user to mount both samba 
shares and disk partitions but how to do that is unfortunatly escaping 
me for the moment. Thanks for the help.



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