[Samba] smb_add_request times out

Paul W. Abrahams abrahams at acm.org
Wed Dec 29 14:43:42 GMT 2004

I've been trying to copy a folder ("My Documents", actually) from a Win2K 
machine to a Linux machine running Samba.  I can mount the folder under Linux 
using smbmount, but when I attempt the copy, using either rsync or cp, I get 
repeated messages like this after some files have been copied correctly:

   smb_add_request: request [cd403380, mid=797] timed out!

On further investigation I determined that the copy was hanging up on a 
particular file -- a .ppt file of about 2.8MB.  The preceding files were all 
much smaller.   I was able to copy that file onto a different Win machine 
with no difficulty at all, so the problem clearly lies with some interaction 
between Samba and Win2K.   I doubt if the particular contents or nature of 
the troublesome file are relevant.  The file is large but hardly huge.

I'm running Samba 3.0.9-2.1.5, packaged as a SuSE rpm, under SuSE 9.1 Linux.  
If it's relevant, I also have open-ldap2-client 2.2.6-34 installed.

What is worse is that if I do the full rsync copy and just let it run, 
eventually the entire Linux machine freezes and must be rebooted.

Ideas, anyone?

Paul Abrahams

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