[Samba] ISA server can't validate users over samba trust

Astrid PereiraSierra astrid at creangel.com
Tue Dec 28 23:18:41 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I have a huge problem and hope somebody can help me.

I have a Dc in a win2003 server in windows 2000 mixed mode.
Also have an ISA 2004 as a member server of the 2003 domain
and some DC with samba.

There are trust working between samba and the dc in 2003, when i share 
any resource it works fine!, i can see users in 2003 and samba and give 

The issue is.... when in the isa server i try to create a user set i 
select the samba server, i can see the users, i select one, accept and 
isa gives a message saying that trust beetween samba and the 2003 dc 
doesnt works!, this is not truth because i can share resources and give 
permissions over the operating system, the malfuncion is only over the 
isa server!!

The ISA Server is mapping all the user accounts of the users on Samba
users list. The users who are in my local domain keep working fine and
authenticating over ISA. The users who were mapped over trust 
relationship are shown but cannot be selected because of the trust

Is there any parameter on samba where I can grant these?

Thank´s any help.


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