[Samba] Re: Re: group policies in samba PDC for windows 2000 professional and xp clients (fwd)

Jason Pyeron jpyeron at pdinc.us
Tue Dec 28 19:06:03 GMT 2004

sorry, the darn reply to got me again

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can you remote regedit from linux?

if so, you can execute on logon from the samba server a push of the keys, 
you can even make a queue of pushes that run only once.

-jason pyeron

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004, Danny Paul wrote:

> The only thing I've tried with any success is to find the registry keys that
> need to be changed, create a patch, and add regedit /s patch_name.reg to
> the user's login script.  Of course, if you need to set Machine Settings as
> opposed to user settings, this will not work because the user is not
> allowed to change this settings.
> John, I'd be interested in testing this with you and helping with
> documentation.  Can you send me what you have?
> Thanks,
> Danny Paul

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