[Samba] The Infamous Robocopy Issues...Again

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Tue Dec 28 17:40:37 GMT 2004

I've been tinkering with this for days now and I can't seem to figure 
out the problem. I know there were problems < 3.0.8 with robocopy and a 
few other programs, but even after upgrading, I'm still have a similiar 
issue with related errors.

I'm running Samba 3.0.10 on FreeBSD pointed to an NT4 DC. I'm trying to 
copy files over to one of it's shares via robocopy from a few other 
NT4/W2K/XP machines. From the client machines, I can map drives, login 
to the server, copy, move, overwrite and delete files just fine from 
within explorer on both mapped drives and just using unc paths.

I can't get robocopy to work sometimes without spitting out this:

	100%        Older                       4617  1.gif
		ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying File 				 
	Access is denied.
	Waiting 30 seconds... Retrying...

Now here's the crazy part. These errors only occur if the remote file is 
newer than source. The minute I tell robocopy to exclude files that are 
older on the source than on the destination, the newer source files copy 
over to the destination just fine.

This fails:
	robocopy "D:\Inetpub\global\images\ven\norm" 
"\\x.x.x.x\Inetpub\global\images\ven\norm" /S

While this works:
	robocopy "D:\Inetpub\global\images\ven\norm" 
"\\x.x.x.x\Inetpub\global\images\ven\norm" /S /XO

This initially led me to believe that this was a source permissions 
problem, but for testing, I'm running the robocopy as the local admin 
which has full permissions on the source files and directories. Like I 
said, I can do the required file actions manually via explorer, just not 
within robocopy.

To make matters worse, when these errors occur, I have nothing in my 
log.smbd, or loc.user files, nor anything in messages, auth, or ipf logs.

At this point, I'm way stumped. Any ideas?


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