[Samba] SMB signing

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Dec 27 12:16:09 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 21:59, Torbjorn Tornkvist wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> >It is.  See the Samba4 code for a bit more detail, there are a few
> >things that are not quite as you might expect, mostly regarding the 'NT
> >response' that should form part of the calculation.
> >
> >  
> >
> Ok, thanx a lot !
> Do you know if the NTLMSSP stuff is specified anywhere ?
> I 've noticed that there is an RFC for SPNEGO.

Not formally.  There is a bit of documentation about:

See in particular the referneces in this document.

Also, there is my final year research thesis:
the source of whcih is in
and should 'soon' be part of the main docs tree.

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