[Samba] pdc dont save the profile

test at inga-und-max.de test at inga-und-max.de
Mon Dec 27 00:08:45 GMT 2004

hi list,

this is my smb.conf and it work fine for me but it doesent save the profile on
the server any idear why?

 # Identifikation des Servers und der Arbeitsgruppe
 workgroup = pinguin
 netbiosname = SAMBA_PDC
 server string = Samba %v (PDC) @ test.de

 # Grundeinstellungen f<FC>r die einzelnen Shares. Um eine h<F6>here Sicherheit
zu gew<E4>hren, wird global erst einmal alles verboten und in den jeweiligen S
hares die Rechte dann vergeben
 browseable = no
 public = no
 writeable = no
 guest ok = no

 # Die Log-Files f<FC>r Samba
 log file = /var/log.%m

 # Die Definition des PDC&acute;s
 domain master = yes
 prefered domain = yes
 domain logons = yes
 os level = 65
 security = user

 # LogON Einstellungen f<FC>r Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME
 #logon drive = Z:
 #logon path = \SAMBA_PDCprofiles\%U.pds
 #logon home = \SAMBA_PDCprofiles\%U
 #logon script = %U.bat

 # Passwort Einstellungen
 encrypt passwords = yes
 update encrypted = yes
 password level = 4

 # Die Administratoren des PDC
 domain admin users = root

 # Performance Einstellungen
 short preserve case = yes
 max log size = 5000
 case sensitive = no
 default case = lower
 mangle case = no
 dead time = 15
 read raw = yes
 write raw = yes
 oplocks = yes
 fake oplocks = no
 debug level = 2
 preserve case = yes
 getwd cache = yes

 # Drucker Einstellungen
 #printing = cups
 #load printers = yes
 path = /home/%u
 comment = Benutzer-Verzeichnisse
 browseable = yes
 writeable = yes

and what should i add to be able to change my password under windows?

thx 4 all max

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