[Samba] Help with error log entry and terrible performance

stephen stephen-d at rogers.com
Sun Dec 26 18:18:29 GMT 2004

When an XP box is reading a file from the Samba server performance is
what you would expect with 100 mbs ethernet.

When uploading a large file (>1 meg) performance is very slow. 1/20th
I would expect.

The Samba server log has these entries:

posix_fcntl_lock: WARNING: lock request at offset 12226560, length
61440 returned
[2004/12/24 17:28:52, 0] locking/posix.c:posix_fcntl_lock(658)
  an Invalid argument error. This can happen when using 64 bit lock
[2004/12/24 17:28:52, 0] locking/posix.c:posix_fcntl_lock(659)
  on 32 bit NFS mounted file systems.

A google search turned up nothing usefull.

Prior to this I was getting an error on the XP box saying the path was
too long. A google search suggested that speed negotiation was a
problem. I changed the NIC on the samba box to an SMC1244TX. The system
detected the change and configured the driver automatically.

I also configured the XP ethernet to lock 100mbs and full duplex.

I am using a Linksys BEFW11S4 router, that acts as the DHCP server for
the XP boxes (both of which have this problem). The linux box has the
ip etc. hard coded, of course.

I have started the troubleshooting guide for samba.

>From the XP box, when I ping the linux computer name (ie: ping PW) it
somehow resolves (??) and the ping is good.

When on the linux server I enter "ping laptop" (laptop is the XP
computer name) it resolves into "ping roissy.com" (???) roissy is the
workgroup name. I get responses from a series of domains all with the
same IP suggesting a virtual host.

Any ideas what to do next?



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