[Samba] domain authentication from a samba server in a samba domain

Andrew Gaffney agaffney at gentoo.org
Sat Dec 25 04:53:17 GMT 2004

I have a box running 3.0.7 that is running my domain. I added another samba 
server at another location to host a few shares for that building. I 
successfully joined the second machine to the domain and set the 'password 
server' option correctly.

In order to get the second machine to give me anything other than 
NT_STATUS_LOGIN_FAILURE, I have to create a dummy UNIX account for the domain 
user and 'smbpasswd -a' it. After this, it will use domain authentication 
correctly for that user only. I know it is doing domain auth because I set the 
password with 'smbpasswd -a' to something different than the domain password. 
The domain password works and the local one doesn't.

While this is a workaround, I don't want to have to add dummy UNIX accounts on 
the 2nd machine for every domain user that should have access to this particular 
share. How can I set this up so I don't have to do that? I don't really care 
about the permissions on the share (multiple domain users accessing as the same 
UNIX user is okay).

Andrew Gaffney
Gentoo Linux Developer
Installer Project

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