[Samba] Re: Connection reset by peer

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Dec 24 19:13:32 GMT 2004

> I agree.  This indicates a packet loss on the LAN. I would check the cables and switches.  If you can, try using a 
> 10,000 packet flood ping from the server to a suspect host, with a 1500=byte packet size.  This is a nice quick test 
> of network health.  Oh - a bad NIC at either end can also do this.

So can voltage drops, and having cables wrapped around a
thermostatically controlled space heater sitting under an employees
desk.  So if the ping flood doesn't find anything, do it again
periodically, as this kind of problem can have intermittent causes.

Best to use managed switches which log bad-packet events.

> >I had some of those showing up on a test network with home-made LAN cables. I switched it to pre-fab tested onces 
> and the errors went away. So, one vote for LAN cable issues. Connection resets are a 
> >TCP/IP stack condition you could pick up the existance of with a sniffer, Samba in my opinion is being nice and 
> logging that it detected it happening.

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