[Samba] Re: Samba Question

Danny Paul jdpaul at gocolumbiamo.com
Thu Dec 23 21:49:49 GMT 2004

This is not a SAMBA isssue but a workstation issue.

Chances are, Windows is trying to connect as whatever user you are logged
into the machine as.  Example, if you log in to the machine as user 1,
windows sends user1 as it's authentication information with each
communication.  If you have one SMB connection to a computer as user1,
Windows will not allow you to make another SMB connection as user2 until
the first is disconnected.

If you want to specify that WIndows is to connect with a different username
in the case of mapping a drive, try:

net use <drive letter> \\server\share /user:<username>

Once again, this will not work if you are already have a drive or printer
mapped to that server as another user.

This will not work on 9x or ME.  Your only option on 9x is to reboot and log
in as a different user.

Also, for future reference, please always include your server os, client os,
samba version, smb.conf file, any other pertinent information, and a
subject that gives some clue to what your problem may be.  Since you are
posting to a SAMBA group, we know that you have a problem with SAMBA.  For
this, "Can only connect as one user" or something of that nature would be

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