[Samba] Question about win2000 and samba

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Dec 23 17:28:19 GMT 2004

> > I setup Samba 3.09 with LDAP and everything seems to work fine. (shres, permissions, startscripts)
> > But we have the following problem on Win2000 machines: If you start the machine and Login on the domain everythings seems to go fine. Then the startscript will be loaded and works fine.
> > When I go to my computer, I see a red cross in every sharemapping. But when I click on the sharemapping it seems to work fine end I can see al files.
> > Windows XP works fine, and doesn't show the red cross.
> > Any idea why the red cross is showed?

The connections have been idled out,  this is normal Windows 2000
behaviour.  There are many articles about changing the value or
disabling the 'feature'

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