[Samba] Re: Slow Print Dialogue Box

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Wed Dec 22 14:44:42 GMT 2004

The slow print dialog had been a problem for quite some time. 3.0.9 seems to have fixed it, and Debian Sarge updated to 3.0.10 recently which it seems fine as well. Now, I run on Win2K SP4 vs WinXP. 
There are various XP specific issues, but those are thanks to XP mostly! ;-)

Best would be to crank Samba logging up to 10, have WinXP shut down, wipe the workstation log on the Samba server, restart Samba, allow WinXP to boot up, logon to XP, Notepad / File / Print, wait for 
the dialog to pop, and then quickly copy off the workstation Samba log and see what you caught. If you can do this on a smallish isolated network, wipe all of the samba logs and copy all of them off 
as soon as the print dialog finally comes up. Then if there is something ending up in the smbd or nmbd log you have a better shot at seeing it.

Having DNS happy is critical
Having WINS happy is critical
If the printers are CUPS / LAN attached then DNS to those devices is critical

Mess up any of these and bits of code go off into loopy land trying to handshake all of the bits of technology together.

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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