[Samba] Unable to add group to ACL

Sven Pfeifer sven.pfeifer at netexpress.de
Wed Dec 22 12:56:12 GMT 2004


I have a Samba 3.0.10 running on Solaris 8. I use winbindd for user 
authentication and it´s pretty fine so far.

Now i´d like to add the Group 'Administrators' to the ACL of one of my shares. 
I try to do this from my Windows XP box, but can´t see that Group, if I use the 
share of my Samba-server. If I try to do so on a share on one of my Windows 
Servers, I can see/find the group. Using wbinfo -g I can see:

BUILTIN Administrators

Is there someone out there, who can help me fix this issue?



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