[Samba] SAMBA as Virtual Windows NT/200x Database Server?

Teddy Apostol teddyapostol at pobox.com
Wed Dec 22 23:30:15 GMT 2004


Is it possible?, say I want to install a windows-based database MS SQL 
relational database application into a SAMBA via a Windows XP Pro 

Say, I have server-based database application which is normally installed 
DIRECTLY into Windows NT/200x server machine on a CD that is MS Windows

I have this CD which has everything in it, simply follow the steps to normally 
install into a Windows NT/200X server. BUT the PCs I have is a SAMBA 3
server and one workstation running Windows XP Pro.

Because I do not have an MS Windows server machine instead I have a SAMBA 3
and a Windows XP Pro.....

here is the question.......

can I or is there or are there ways to install such database into the SAMBA 
server using a Windows XP Pro workstation?

.... then run that database application in the SAMBA 3 as if the database
is running in a Windows NT/200x server machine using Windows XP Pro
as workstations.

Your suggestion or direction what to do or read or learn is much
appreciated as am new on SAMBA 3.

Yours truly,


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