[Samba] Write performance of Win XP Pro sp2 & Samba

John Ward john at mbstemps.com
Tue Dec 21 22:17:58 GMT 2004

 I have a file testing program that creates, writes and indexes a file on the server from the Windows client.

 On xpp sp1 the program takes 7 sec to write file and 8 sec to read the indexed file.

 After telling the Firewall to go away I can get the following numbers from xpp 

 29..30..45 (tested multiple times) sec to write the file
  and 7..8 sec to read the file. Any ideas on why the 'best'
 performance of sp2 is 4+ times worse than Windows XP Pro SP1?  I really don't want  to ship a system with this type of performance degradation. 

As a side note; initally  the file write performance was in the  120 sec range, 
17 times longer!! Why hasn't this been reported and/or what is strange about my 

 ps. the Client hardware AMD1800+.... is identical on the SP1 and SP2 machines.

 Any help on this would be very appreciated.


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