[Samba] Laptops offline logons and roaming profiles

Pierre Lebrun ple001 at artic.fr
Tue Dec 21 16:02:40 GMT 2004

I experience pb with roaming profiles when laptops are
used offline. When connected to the network everything
works fine. Here under is the problem description.

All the users of my company use laptops. They often work
offline. Desktop components (My Documents files, Desktop
files or folders, ...) are sometimes deleted by the user
while working in offline mode that means, not connected
to any network.

The problem is that when the user comes back to the office
and logs on to the domain, all deleted objects in offline
mode are retrieved from the roaming profile saved on the
samba server.

In other words, when the user logs on to the office network,
the workstation XP (or 2K) is not able to check if the
server roaming profile is older than the local profile.

Are XP and 2000 not able to tell "Local profile is newer
than roaming profile, wich one do you want to load ?"
In an other life I'm sure that NT4 did this check :-)

What I want is when the user comes back to the office, if
the local profile is newer than the server profile, then
the local profile must be used.

I google newsgroups, the web and MS docs for a long time
with no success.

Is there near by one body who could help me ?

Many thanks for your help.



I get the same pb on samba 2.2 and 3.0

samba 2.2.8a or 3.0.9 on solaris 2.5.1 and solaris 8

Profile share conf:
Browseable = yes
csc policy = disable
nt acl support = yes

in XP:
Enable - Do not check for user ownership of Roaming profile folders -

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