[Samba] Help with permissions when moving data between Windows and Samba.

Plant, Dean dean.plant at roke.co.uk
Tue Dec 21 15:14:05 GMT 2004

Hello list

Samba-3.0.8 on Fedora-Core3.

I am currently testing Samba as a member server of an AD domain and using
winbind for user resolution.

Samba is joined to the AD domain and can I can write files as the
"domain\user" on a test share.

This server is to be used as an archive storage area so I need to move data
from existing Windows 2000 server's to the Samba share while keeping the
correct user permissions.

I have given the windows admin account privileges on the samba share by
using the "admin users" field and acl's seem to be copying correctly with
user owned files when copying with scopy.

The windows admin account is a member of the local Administrator's group and
a lot of files stored on the windows servers are owned by this account/local
group but I am unable to copy files with these permissions and receive an
access denied message, which I think is down to the fact that the owner is a
member of the local Administrator's group.

I did read in the Samba By Example book.......

8.  Q: When I run net groupmap list, it reports a group called
Administrators as well as Domain Admins. What is the difference between

A: The group called Administrators is representative of the same account
that would be present as the Local Group account on a Domain Member server
or workstation. Samba uses only Domain Groups at this time. A Workstation or
Server Local Group has no meaning in a Samba context. This may change at
some later date. These accounts are provided only so that security objects
are correctly shown. 

....which I think is something to do with my problem, but I am unsure what I
need to do to correct/workaround the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Dean Plant


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