[Samba] smb_trans2: invalid data

Jan Romportl rompi_news at post.cz
Tue Dec 21 14:13:13 GMT 2004

Hello everyone,

I have tried to solve out the 'smb_trans2: invalid data' by 'unix extensions = 
no' as it was written in one of the previous mails. Still I have a bad 

when I mount like this:

mount.smbfs //server/service /local_dir -o 

and then I try to copy a file to /local_dir as the user my_local_login, the 
file is copied ok but then it takes a looong time to go on (perhaps when 
changing the file's uid or attributes, or whatever...). Actually before I set 
'unix extensions = no', it took a long time even before any copying (after 
copying too). So now it became little better, but still quite unusable ;-)

Do I do something wrong, or is there a way how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.


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