[Samba] sloowww data transfers

me omega3141us at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 08:01:47 GMT 2004


Ive been scratching my head at the slow network
performance im having
with samba 3.0.9 (running debian unstable) set up as a
domain for
a couple of winders 2k pc's ,  used for gaming when
the nieces and
nephews are over it holds the master image of the

Unfortunately data transfers vary from 1MB to 2MBs
from samba to winders
whereas winders to winders does several times as fast 

It does not apear to be the hub or the network cards
as the following

A 110MB file xferred from samba linux - linux takes
about 77s
doing the same over NFS takes 11s.

I also did this with a 740MB iso 88s over nfs ~ 440
over smbfs ??
I get similar transfer rates when using the samba
server on my

I have tested this also with a base smb.conf
consisting only of
- server name
- workgroup name
- share name
- share path

no noticeable difference

the running kernel is a 2.6.9 cko2 
network cards initially a 8139 based and also tried a

i build my own kernel - are there some options there
that could cripple
samba ??

Im using one of the winders pc's to maintain the games
image as it takes
so much longer moving around the Gigs using samba

Any ideas 

please also cc replies to "service at orcon dot net
dot nz"

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