[Samba] write performance of Win xpp sp2

John Ward john at mbstemps.com
Tue Dec 21 05:19:38 GMT 2004


I have noticed (!) an unbelievable drop in performance with
Windows xp pro sp2 systems, compared to sp1.  The performance 
I have noticed is 122 seconds to write 65,000 indexed records
to a dBase type file under sp2 and the same job in sp1 is 
7 seconds!!  I can't believe that this is a 'normal' feature
of Windows sp2 software when working with Samba.  Is it possible that Microsoft has made changes that make Samba under Linux totaly uncompetitive.  

ps. the performance drop is still there using the 'copy' 
command from the command prompt.  The file in question is 8.1 Meg, large but not unreasonable.  ANY help would be appreciated.

John at mbstemps.com

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