[Samba] About disconnecting a windows client

Xavi León Javier.Leon-Gutierrez at upc.edu
Mon Dec 20 16:36:04 GMT 2004

Hi all!

We have a Samba server configured as a PCD server with LDAP for 
authenticating users (cups for
providing printing services). Well, my question is simple and i was 
looking for the answer and i didn't
find it.... When somebody logs into the domain... ther is a way to 
disconnect this user? i mean, the client
can disconnect the user which with had logged in before?
For example, i have two users and i log in with the first one. But if i 
want to make operations with de
second user i have to close my windows session and log in again.

I know that it's not certainly a Samba question but a don't know who to 
write to.


PS: i tried "net stop workstation" but it ask me to close some other 
things that i don't want (moreover, i don't
want to be asked for anything because i want to make a script which make 
me it automatically)
Thanks again

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