[Samba] file recovery

Josh Dickens josh at onlycreative.net
Mon Dec 20 03:32:27 GMT 2004

i tried to save a flash file back onto my freebsd server running samba 
and when i hit save, windows xp gave some message but i hit enter to 
quickly to see what it said. it was basically saying that i could not 
save over a previous file for some reason.

so i closed the file i was trying to save and went to look for the file 
that was there on the server and it's no longer there. so i have no file 
anymore. i didn't delete it. but it's not there. i desperately need to 
recover this file. if there somewhere I can look in the file system? Or 
does samba put files somewhere that I don't know?

i tried file recovery in windows xp, but nothing can find the file. is 
there anyway to do file recovery on samba running in freebsd 4.10.


Josh Dickens
Only Creative

165 Bridge Landing
Douglasville, GA 30134



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