[Samba] Samba + LDAP + Automount maps

Prakash Velayutham prakash.velayutham at cchmc.org
Mon Dec 20 02:00:20 GMT 2004

Hi Samba Gurus,

We have an OpenLDAP server (openldap2-2.1.22-65) and a separate NFS 
server for home dirs. Currently LDAP NIS maps are being used by the 
Linux users in the department for home dir mounting on Linux clients.

As everybody does, I started to look at Samba to accommodate the 
Windows users and have a single user database (in LDAP) to work with. 
Now I have a Samba PDC running samba3-3.0.9-1 version in my LDAP server 
with passdb backend being ldapsam:ldap:// PDC itself works 
just fine right now with roaming profiles etc.

The NFS server is the only system with big disks and hence we would 
like to have the home dirs in that system. I am not sure how automount 
plays into the whole setting of Samba and OpenLDAP. When a user logs 
into a windows machine, his home directory should get mounted from the 
NFS server automatically. The (Windows) profile would also live inside 
the (UNIX) home directory of the user and hence would also has to get 

Hopefully I am clear enough. Please send any configuration settings if 
you can. I tried some googling, but just saw one link where somebody 
discussed something similar with Sun's LDAP server and Samba. I tried 
that but did not work with OpenLDAP.

The constraint is that the home dir NFS server is also a server for a 
Linux cluster we maintain and I do not want to touch that server 
currently for anything.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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