[Samba] RHEL3 3.0.9 Release & Active Directory Membership

Christian Merrill cmerrill at redhat.com
Fri Dec 17 20:08:26 GMT 2004

Ben Vaughan wrote:

>Hello Christian,
>Here at Iowa State, we have experienced exactly this behavior, although
>we haven't noticed any of my samba servers loosing their domain
>membership.  It appears that samba is still functioning via the rpc
>We compiled samba.org's srpms and haven't had any problems.
>I can't verify this right now, but I recall having this same problem
>with RH's 3.0.7 package.  I'm still digging to see if that was indeed
>the case.
>We are running Samba with an AD in native 2000 mode.  We are beginning
>the transition to AD 2003.  We have about 3 dozen or so samba servers in
>our domain.
>Let me know if you need any more help or testing or whatever.
>Ben Vaughan
>Ben Vaughan
>Engineering Computing Support Services
>CLUE Network SysAdmin
>Iowa State University 
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>Subject: [Samba] RHEL3 3.0.9 Release & Active Directory Membership
>Some preliminary testing indicates that there may be problems in the 
>newly released Red Hat 3.0.9 packages (not samba.org's) in regard to 
>joining an AD as a full member (w/kerberos).  This may also affect 
>maintaining current membership in such an environment.  If anyone has 
>already upgraded and is experiencing the same or different behavior 
>please let me know.  Specifically we are seeing "no support for 
>encryption type" messages when using a "net ads join" and a return code 
>of -1.
Actually we've figured this out.  Our rpm was built against U4's 
libkrb5.  You should be able to compile RH's source package and see this 
problem disappear.  I believe we should have a binary fix out shortly.


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