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Thu Dec 16 22:08:07 GMT 2004

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mike, hi,

not entirely sure what happened here but the samba
technical archives appear to be having difficulties
displaying a message that i was able to access from
someone else's browser, yesterday.

from memory, if i recall correctly, you mentioned
something about me giving samba a "fait accompli" - is
that right?  i'm so so sorry if i have the wrong end
of the stick on this one and it wasn't you that said

i really do have to point out that if you _did_ say
that, it could not be further from the truth.

as gerry rightly points out, i have no authority, and
never did - as do none of us.

all i can do is make suggestions: this _particular_
suggestion has an added incentive for it to be
accepted - that _if_ it is accepted, the foundation
receives lots of code.

that's the carrot - putting it bluntly.

the stick is that if the members that i assume would
be  there break the conditions of the charter - they
lose what they were given.

now, i've been thinking a bit more since i sent that

on the basis that should the directors break the
conditions of the charter, they'd likely get a bit
more than a slapped wrist - on reflection, the "stick"
conditions that i initially proposed _probably_ aren't
even necessary.

especially as these charters (e.g. the ASF's) are
legally binding (usually in delaware :)

... what could be worse for [the proposed] SSF board
members than to break the conditions of the charter
that they are there to uphold?



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