[Samba] Participation on Samba lists

Herb Lewis hlewis at panasas.com
Thu Dec 16 16:46:41 GMT 2004

I had the same concerns initially, but if you look through the history
of his posts on the lists, they tend to always degrade into accusations
and name calling in the end. Telling him it is off-topic only feeds the
flames. This was discussed extensively among the team and unfortunately
this seems the only reasonable thing to do at the moment. I concur with
the action.

Samba Team

Dragan Krnic wrote:
>>>Regardless of what is going on this is not right in my opinion.
>>>"So we're going to ban Luke from posting to the Samba Lists for three months"
>>>There must be another way to work things out.
>>	Open to suggestions.  We've been trying and they haven't been
>>working out.  This was the action of last resort and we regret having
>>to resort to it.  But we ran out of options.  This has been going
>>on for a long time.
> My suggestion is, you lift the ban. It just doesn't sound right.
> It is censorship. We do tolerate all kinds of trolls who quote
> a lengthy letter for no reason other than to approve of its content,
> so what's so disruptive in Luke's letter?
> I personally tried to read Luke's letter but gave up on issues
> of style, terseness and casing. I'd rather Luke had contributed
> some new code instead. But banning him is not right.
> As another suggestion, why don't you create a separate samba
> mail list "samba-politics" and advise a contributor who doesn't
> stick to samba-user problems that he/she/it is off-topic?
> I don't have a problem to skip a posting I'm not interested in.
> I do have a problem, if someone does it for me.
> Cheers
> Dragan

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