[Samba] Participation on Samba lists

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Dec 15 21:19:37 GMT 2004

Luke Leighton (lkcl) has brought up his arguments about control
of Samba before. In October 2000 they resulted in the creation
of a new Samba code branch, samba-tng, which Luke and others who
agreed with his direction were free to do with as they will.

Samba-tng still exists, and we in the Samba Team still wish it
well, but what we can't continue to put up with is Luke still
rehashing the same advocacy that resulted in the creation of
samba-tng on the Samba mailing lists. We had that discussion
many times, we know where it leads.

So we're going to ban Luke from posting to the Samba Lists for
three months, in the hope that he will re-focus his efforts on
the project he created, and not re-hash old arguments.

The Samba Team is proud of the open way we develop the Samba code
base. Since the inception of the project in 1991 we have had a
policy of open discussion among developers, users and other
interested parties. We encourage anyone who wants to examine
our commitment to openness to examine the public mailing list
archives themselves. If anyone wants to examine the truth of
what Luke says we also encourage people to look at the public
record of all source code commits to Samba

We all have far too many bugs to fix and technical decisions
to make to continue these distracting discussions on the main
lists. Hope everyone understands,


        The Samba Team.

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The Samba Team is a group of software engineers committed to the
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interoperability. Started in 1992, the team now consists of more
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