[Samba] Reverse Mapping

Grant, Jeffrey D jeffrey.grant at eds.com
Wed Dec 15 20:53:35 GMT 2004


I have recently installed Samba on my Sun Fire V-440 Solaris 8 Unix server
and it works fine to map drives from my PC (late model running Windows XP
Professional)(on a large LAN) to the shares on the Unix server.

However, what I have a need for is to be able to map the other direction.
Basically, need to sit at my PC at my desk, far from the server, load a CD
into the CD-ROM drive of the PC and have it work as if the CD-ROM drive is
actually a device on the Unix server.  Using Hummingbird Exceed as my X-Term
solution to the Unix server.

Does this work with Samba?  Has anyone ever found this solution or do you
have any thoughts as to why it might not be a good idea to implement?


Jeff Grant
Unix Sys Admin
Herndon, VA

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