[Samba] users not willing to join domain...

Florian Streibelt samba at F-Streibelt.de
Wed Dec 15 17:31:50 GMT 2004

Hi there,

I would like to force users to logon at my samba domain.

How can I check from by samba PDC on linux if a user has logged on at 
the domain or is just accessing the shares via her password?

There are some users that are - hmm - not willing to join the domain but 
I want to force them to join for sophos updates, etc.
Only: the Computers are private only the net is not...

So what I want to do is write a shellscript that checks via e.g. 
smbstatus fpr connected users and tells me which one has loggin via the 



(The Clients are W2K, ME, XP and some W98, yes, it IS awful...)

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