[Samba] roaming profiles from BDC only, not from PDC

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Wed Dec 15 14:22:16 GMT 2004

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> rruegner wrote:
>> hi,
>> you can store your profiles on whatever samba server you want as long 
>> it is trusted to
> You didn't understand my question.
> 1) in each office, there is only one domain controller (costs), against 
> which users authenticate and store roaming profiles (they are stored 
> locally on their workstations, too)
> 2) if a local domain controller is down, they should be able to 
> authenticate against a domain controller over VPN/WAN - but use local 
> profile only.
> How to prevent users from trying to retrieve/upload a profile to/from a 
> given domain controller?
> I can do it by putting some broken profile path on that domain 
> controller, but then users when logging in see a window "their profile 
> path can't be found, contact administrator etc.", which I want to avoid.

OK, this was easy.

You have to put only

logon path =

And roaming profiles won't be used.

I tried that previously but it didn't work, it appeared there were 
routing problems.


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