[Samba] Samba shares issue

Mark Huff mhuff at pegasus.yi.org
Wed Dec 15 11:42:18 GMT 2004

I have looked at the permissions and other things. Something that I found
tonight (with the help of a friend) is that the Samba permissions are being
changed by some cron program or something in Linux. The permissions on the
share had been set to 777 which had fixed the problem, but the problem
returned.  I checked the permissions tonight and they had reverted to 755.
I do not have tripwire or anything like it running, though I do have snort
on a daily cron.  My friend seems to think that snort might be responsible
for this, so i have temporarily removed it from running to see what happens.

I have looked though a couple of other newsgroups and see that there is some
issue with permissions changing "automatically" after being set, and some
other issues involving windows and samba shares.

Hopefully I can get this issue tracked down and fixed...


Mark Huff

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